When we launched govino in 2008, some of the world’s most renowned wine estates became our very first customers, simply because after conducting taste comparisons, they knew they could rely on our products to properly showcase their wines. After all, every wine is ultimately subject to the type of glass it is being served in.

Our patented designs and crystal-clear, US-sourced polymers are guaranteed to accentuate the aromatic and flavor profiles of all types of wine, beer, and spirits.

We can’t be any more transparent than that!


Have your brand or event logo printed on your Govino glasses. Our state of the art print department can customise you glass with a permanant logo.

Customised Packaging

Want to take your brand to the next level? Why not have our art department design customised packaging. Whether for corporate gifts or ‘on-site’ activations and ‘value-adds’ we can design packaging to reflect your brand.

Colour Matching

We can print in most colours including, Metallics, Mock Etch and any Pantone colour.


We can design the packaging to suit/match your branding. Our in-house design department is able to do mock-up designs and prototype packaging.


With our own in-house art department we can help you design you logo to ensure your customised Govino portrays your brand and maximises your event exposure.

Everlasting Brand Exposure

A branded Govino has a uniquely high retention rate with consumers, ensuring your brand remains with your target audience.

Ask about our Portion-Control Printing

Precision placement of your logo guarantees accurate portion-control.
Branding is available across our entire range of products below.

It’s not just our glasses that lend a sense of occasion at an event…

Our range of Govino Wine Glasses make a classy gift and a lasting one. Whether you own vineyard, a restaurant, bar, or small brewery, or you’re a business or sporting club looking for that unique corporate gift. There is no finer place to see your logo than printed on the side of our quality wine glasses. Our entire range of Govino Glasses can be branded and supplied super fast all over Australia. Branded glasses will stand out from the crowd, leaving a lasting advertisement for your organisation or event.