Here at govino, we have always believed reuse is the greatest form of sustainability. That’s why, since our inception in 2008, we have reminded our customers to reuse, reuse, reuse … and only then recycle. Today, thanks to our highly durable, dishwasher safe polymers, we believe in taking reuse to another level.
Like fine crystal stemware, over time a govino glass may show some of its wear. It is with this we started hearing how our customers would reuse govino for other purposes – some fun and whimsical and some truly inspiring. We never imagined a govino enthusiast would grow an avocado in one of our glasses!

This got us wondering how you would reinvent your well-seasoned govino and create a new chapter to our story?

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From day one, govino has been committed to reducing the waste caused by single-use plastics simply by making our patented designs reusable. In 2015 we introduced our dishwasher safe line of products to help further encourage reuse. Every reused govino prevents yet another single-use plastic cup from entering our precious ecosystems.

RECYCLING: /riːˈsʌɪk(ə)l/ – convert (waste) into reusable material.

govino has been at the forefront of eliminating ‘single-use’ plastic since its inception. All govino products can be 100% recycled in all ‘kerb-side’ recycle bins, or thru Council Recycling systems. Govino polymers can also be  ‘ground’ into ‘plastic-pellets’ by commercial recyclers to be reused in the manufacture of garden edging, plastic seats  just to name a few.